BluTrend® files for “Automated Invoice Processing” Patent

BluTrend® files for “Automated Invoice Processing” Patent

BluTrend® files for “Automated Invoice Processing” Patent, offers free bill processing for CSASecure customers.

BluTrend®, the technology leader in Multifamily Energy Management, today announced that it has filed for a patent on an advanced Automated Invoice Processing system with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

BluTrend is disrupting the energy management space by introducing automated patented technologies for faster, cheaper and more accurate processing,” said Michael Anderson, Managing Partner, “Leveraging technologies means more cash flow and more value for owners and management companies.”

This new innovation allows us to automatically download electricity, gas or water invoices, auditing them for accuracy, and uploading them to Property Management Software with the client’s GL code. All within minutes of bills becoming available by the utility company. The process is very accurate, easy to implement, and fully automated.

“This is a game-changer,” said BluTrend Director of Sustainability and Energy Management, Curt Mann. “We can process hundreds of thousands of utility invoices overnight, without human involvement, and even before the utility company prints the bills.” This means no more missing bills, or waiting for the post office to deliver a bill. While some methods are capable of processing e-bills for common invoices or EDI when a utility pushes data to a user, our process does not depend on the assistance of the utility company and in addition, it processes common and vacant invoices. The benefits to customers include not only receiving and making available the data from the electronic version days before the paper invoice but also reduces employee involvement thus saving on labor and more importantly, eliminates human error. Furthermore, the quicker access to data means more time to allocate funds for payment and to resolve problems before they transition into late fees and disconnects.”

“The fact is Multifamily owners are leaving money on the table,” said Jim Kjolhede, a partner at BluTrend. “Through our Join Venture Program, owners and management companies not only can become more competitive in the investment environment and 3rd party management, but also can save money and increase cash flow through the use of our automated patented – and patent pending technologies.”


For more information about BluTrend®, LLC visit our website at or call Michael Anderson at 972-739-9901.