Why Blu

Technology Driven Platform

Once again, we are leading the way with the next generation Automated Invoice Processing - AIP®. With the introduction of AIP®, this breakthrough process allows for processing of utility invoices with minimum human intervention and often before the utility company even print and mail the statements. Now that is leading edge technology.

Why Partner with BluTrend :
  • Innovative solutions since 1996
  • Experienced team
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Best integration and automation in the industry
  • One low monthly service fee
  • Best customer experience
  • User friendly reports
  • Passionate about utility management

BluTrend Advantage!

OneSource Solution: When you receive bundled services from Blu, you are assured of best pricing package in the industry. Integrated solutions, full turnkey operation and no headache of dealing with multiple vendors.

Better results at lower cost!

Get more services for less. We use leading edge technology to create efficiencies that result in lower operating costs.