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Invoice Processing and Payment

Do you know your true cost of processing and paying a utility bill? Are you in the top 20% or bottom 30%? According to a study by Aberdeen Group, most companies lack the automation and visibility required to properly manage cash positions. In that study, 2 key performance indicators were measured:

  1. How many days it takes to process a single invoice?
  2. What is the true cost of processing a single invoice?
Here is what the study of 130 enterprises revealed:

Resident Statement

A resident statement is a great way to inform your residents of all their monthly obligations to the community. It will help with collections, taking the guess work out of how much they owe monthly. Each month residents have questions such as

  • How much is my rent?
  • What do I owe for utility expenses?
  • How much is my Parking and other fees?
  • When is my bill due and who do I pay?

Utility Billing

Our experience in utility billing goes back to 1996. We have led, innovated and perfected many processes that are key to sending out timely and accurate utility bills. We have one of the highest % of bill amounts in the industry due to lower fee structure.

CSASecure: Pioneering New Trends in Multifamily Utility Management

BluTrend® is a pioneer in providing market-leading utility solutions for the multifamily housing industry. The company was founded by a team of multifamily housing professionals who have extensive experience in utility management technology.

CSASecure® solution lowers the impact of utility theft fast

Why waste time trying to recover losses that you can avoid in the first place? Now you can prevent most utility theft losses rather than waiting 45-60 days to begin recovery efforts. Developed especially for the multifamily real estate market, CSASecure® is the only reliable solution that:
  • Decreases operating expenses and ultimately increases cash flow, NOI and property valuations.
  • Equivalent savings of 1.3 to 3.3 cents per Kwh on your current rates.
  • Identifies utility theft in days, not months—allowing your staff to take fast action.
  • Limits liability by allowing you to disconnect violators quickly.
  • Automatically notifies residents of delinquencies and pending disconnects.
Gives your staff ultimate control, with no extra work (we do it all). Provides three opportunities to save: at move-in, mid-lease turnover, and move-out.

Vacant Cost Recovery

Often residents fail to enroll for electricity and gas service in their name. With our leading VCR technology, we will identify these residents, calculate what they owe and put the charges as a line item on their resident statements each month.
OneSource Solution: When you receive bundled services from Blu, you are assured of best pricing package in the industry. Integrated solutions, full turnkey operation and no headache of dealing with multiple vendors.

Bank Statements

Let us make your bank statements available to you fast, easy and more efficiently. Monthly statements from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and other large financial institutions are electronically and automatically downloaded and made available to your accounting department each month saving your back office staff valuable time.


BluTrendPay is revolutionizing payment processing for multifamily management companies. Our leading-edge platform cuts costs, increases visibility, and streamlines the payment process.

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